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Manuel Kilger is an illustrator originally from Bavaria. He studied communication design and illustration in Nuremberg, Germany, and that is where he currently resides. He works as a freelance illustrator for clients like magazines, advertising agencies, networkstations, games companies, galleries, and of course many more. Manuel has also worked on diverse projects such as children’s books and comics.

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Amazon, Axis Productions, BOOM! Studios, Bottleneck Gallery, Büchergilde Gutenberg, Cartoon Network, Chimera, Clone Magazin, Dark Horse Comics, Electronic Arts, ercas. die agentur, Flaunt, Framily, Freistil, Gallery1988, Geolino, Grabarz und Partner, Heimat Hamburg, Hero Complex Gallery, Jazam!, Kaweco, In a nutshell - Kurzgesagt, Legas Delaney, Light Grey Art Lab, Lukas Lindemann Rosinski, Moccu, MTV Germany, Newgrounds, Nickelodeon, Oetinger Verlag, Red Bull, Rovio, Siemens, Sony, SPIL Games, Spirit Link, Studio Ü, Temp Magazin, TH Georg Simon Ohm Nürnberg, Tigermedia, Universitätsklinikum Erlangen,, Trendhaus, VW, YouTube, ZDF, ...


Three by Three Illustration Annual No. 15
Three by Three Illustration Annual No. 14
Then/Now: Childhood Revisited Volume I
WIO – World Illustration Awards 2018 Annual
Applied Arts – 2018 Photography & Illustration Annual
Communication Arts – Illustration Annual 58
Hiii Illustration –> have a look!
Kulturportal Bayern –> Link
Temp Magazin #2 –> have a look!
The Game 5/2015 –> have a look!
Curt Magazine 12/2013 –> have a look!
Every Day is Play –> have a look!
The Fifth Element Artbook –> have a look!
Girls: Fact or Fiction –> have a look!
In Places –> have a look!
Freistil 5 –> have a look!
Interview with Light Grey Art Lab –> Link
Adam Male Blog –> Link –> Link
Page online –> Link
Page #10.2013
Geek Art - Volume 2 –> have a look!
Metallab #4 –> have a look!


Hiii Illustration 2015 International Competition, Best of the Best
red dot design award 2009
3x3 No. 11, Pro Show, Honorable Mention 2015
3x3 No. 14, Pro Show, Merit, 2017
3x3 No. 15, Pro Show, Merit, 2018
Communication Arts, 58th Annual Illustration Competition, Award of Excellence, 2017
AIO, World Illustration Awards 2018, Shortlist
iJungle Illustration Award 2017, Merit
Aplied Arts, 2018 Illustration Awards, Winner


2018Gallerie Summertime Art Show |
Vicenza, Italy
World Illustration Awards 2018 exhibition |
London, Great Britain
10 Jahre Rotopol @ Neurotitan |
Berlin, Germany
Idiot Box 2018 |
Los Angeles, USA
2017Das große Granteln |
Nuremberg, Germany
30 Years Later |
Los Angeles, USA
Zerbröckelt & Geklaubt |
Nuremberg, Germany
Huldufolk Exhibition |
Minneapolis, USA
Electric Dreams |
Los Angeles, USA
2016Mystery Show #3: The Inventor’s Collection |
Kassel, Germany
Hiii Illustration Exhibition – Beijing Design Week 2016 |
Hangzhou City, China
30 Years Later |
Los Angeles, USA
Mystery Show |
Munich, Germany
The Power of Mattel |
Los Angeles, USA
Cartoon Network en Amarillo, Azul y Rojo Art Show |
Burbank, USA
2015Iceland Residency Exhibition |
Minneapolis, USA
Mystery Show #2: The Traveller’s Collection |
Kassel, Germany
Guillermo Del Toro Art Show |
Los Angeles, USA
No Ghost Logos |
Burbank, USA
2014R-Rated Memories Show |
Amsterdam, Netherlands
Great Personality |
Minneapolis, USA
Hellboy Tribute Artshow |
Los Angeles, USA
New York, USA
Popeye 85th Anniversary Official Art Show |
Los Angeles, USA
Skate or Die Exhibition |
Minneapolis, USA
Los Angeles, USA
Mystery show #1 |
Sofia, Bulgarien
Mystery show - The Forester‘s Collection |
Kassel, Germany
2013Deadspace Art Show |
Paris, France
Made in Asia |
Brüssel, Belgium
Game of Thrones - Ice and Fire |
Paris, France
In Places Art Show |
Minneapolis, USA
Rolemodels Art Show |
Minneapolis, USA
2012Night of the Exquisite Corpse |
Minneapolis, USA
Tarot, Mystics and Occult Art Show |
Minneapolis, USA
Girls: Fact or Fiction Art Show |
Minneapolis, USA
Sevilla, Spain


mail is the best way to reach me.

Kerschensteinerstraße 1
90574 Roßtal
+49 (0) 176 80135546

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